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und wisset, daß ihr nicht mit vergänglichem Silber oder Gold erlöst seid von eurem eitlen Wandel nach väterlicher Weise, sondern mit dem teuren Blut Christi als eines unschuldigen und unbefleckten Lammes,
1 Petrus 1:18-19

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26-10-15 11:48:18 Different number of arguments passed in the functions
vishal tanna
I have issue with the payment gateway. For that I debug the code of the tt_products. And I found that there are some functions that passed the wrong number of arguments. And because of that original value is missing for the argument variables.

Please check below given two files and functions. In version "2.11.0".

(1) tt_products/control/class.tx_ttproducts_control.php
(2) tt_products/lib/class.tx_ttproducts_paymentlib.php

Check function "includeHandleLib" in both files.
File (1) have 9 arguments. And in file (2) have only 8 arguments.

So in file (2) when function is calling. Value of the argument is mismatch. And configuration of payment script is comes blank. And because of that payment object is not created.

I need the payment object created and execute code for that.
30-10-15 10:30:44 bug fix
Franz Holzinger
Remove the line


from the call in file tt_products/control/class.tx_ttproducts_control.php

$content = $paymentObj->includeHandleLib(

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