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Ich bin der gute Hirte und erkenne die Meinen und bin bekannt den Meinen, wie mich mein Vater kennt und ich kenne den Vater. Und ich lasse mein Leben für die Schafe.
Johannes 10:14-15

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Buch: Der TYPO3 Webshop
adding fields to tt_products
autor: Franz Holzinger Datum: 17-06-14 16:40:02
You can use the Extension Kickstarter extension to create your own extension which extends the tt_products table with more fields. No programming knowledge is necessary.

Add the new fields into the file model/class.tx_ttproducts_table_base.php.

private $fieldClassArray = array (
'datasheet' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_datafield',
'graduated_price_uid' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_graduated_price',
'image' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_image',
'itemnumber' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_text',
'note' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_note',
'note2' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_note',
'price' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_price',
'price2' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_price',
'subtitle' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_text',
'title' => 'tx_ttproducts_field_text',

I think that this will do most of the job. Only the marker names and subpart marker names will need some modification in the template file. Maybe you should not name the new fields datasheet1, datasheet2 and datasheet3, because the numbers at the end of the fieldnames could create conflicts with the numbers in the markers of DATASHEET.
Use other names for the new fields:
datasheetcatalog, datasheetmanual, datasheetnote.