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Lieblich und schön sein ist nichts; ein Weib, das den HERRN fürchtet, soll man loben.
Sprueche 31:30

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15-08-11 15:29:29 Product articles
Karin Meulengrath
I am sorry, but my German isnt good enough for this kind of technical stuff. Hope English is all right :)
I am setting up my first shop in TYPO3 4.4.6 and tt_products 2.7.1 (and all needed extensions). I get most of it working, but products articles dosnt show. That is the drop down box with color / size shows, but the added picture dosnt show. I have read and followed the manual and the book on E-Commerce, but I must have done something wrong. Any suggestions?
22-08-11 06:32:25 articles
Franz Holzinger
set useArticles = 1 or higher

Use the example shop template file products_css_variants_de.html if you want to have dynamic changes of the article or add an id marker to the HTML tags of the articles.

Change the constants to
separateImage = 1
limitImage = 30

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