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Lieblich und schön sein ist nichts; ein Weib, das den HERRN fürchtet, soll man loben.
Sprueche 31:30

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21-09-11 11:31:41 Menu by categories
Karin Meulengrath
I have a page divided in 3 parts. The left part is for a menu, the middle for the products and the right part for the basket.
I have choosen to display 'Categories: menu' in the left part, which shows a list with all categories.
The categories is placed in seperate sysfolders. Is it possilble to sort the categories by sysfolders?
I would be happy for any suggestions
Regards Karin
My categories is seperated i sysfolders and I would like to
28-10-11 15:39:49 sorting by sysfolder
Franz Holzinger
A sysfolder has an id. This id is the same as the pid of the category record. You can sort the categories by pid. Then they will be sorted by the sysfolders. Make sure that each sysfolder has the correct id.

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