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Lieblich und schön sein ist nichts; ein Weib, das den HERRN fürchtet, soll man loben.
Sprueche 31:30

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8-10-11 22:56:28 Another one problem after switch 2.7.0 to 2.7.2
Julia Pekkonen
Hello Franz,
I'm so sorry again, but I found also little bet problem with new version (2.7.2)
Don't sending letters to users with basket items.
I see that in 2.7.2 was changed plugin CODE which pasted in my page.
Instead "Basket:Input customer data" I see "Basket:Collect addresses", but I don't change something in this settings (and section "BASKET_INFO_TEMPLATE" in template file).
But that I click "send" I see empty page...
My code of BASKET_INFO_TEMPLATE below:
<form method="post" action="###FORM_URL###" name="basket1" class="basketForm" id="registrationForm1">
<div id="label_PERSON_EMAIL">
<p>Als E-Mail verschicken</p>
<div id="field_PERSON_EMAIL_FORM">
<input type="text" name="recs[personinfo][email]" value="E-Mail Adresse Empfänger" title="E-Mail Adresse Empfänger" class="basket_fields"/>
<input type="text" id="subject" name="recs[delivery][name]" value="Betreffzeilentext der E-Mail" title="Betreffzeilentext der E-Mail" class="basket_fields"/>
<input type="hidden" name="formnumber" size="30" value="1" />
<!--<input type="submit" id="button4" name="products_payment" value="Absenden" onclick="getElementById('registrationForm1').action='###FORM_URL_FINALIZE###';"/>-->
<input type="submit" id="button4" name="products_finalize" value="E-Mail versenden" onclick="getElementById('registrationForm1').action='###FORM_URL_FINALIZE###';"/>
8-10-11 23:14:32 missing info
Franz Holzinger
Hello Julia, some information is missing here.
I need more information about what has happened.
8-10-11 23:52:04 More info
Julia Pekkonen
Hello Franz,
when I filled e-mail and name - clicked "E-Mail versenden" - I stay on same page with same URL (basket page) but page without any HTML code and nothing happens more. No letter to entered e-mail.
Maybe wrong action in ###FORM_URL_FINALIZE###?
This is code of submit:
<input id="button4" type="submit" onclick="getElementById('registrationForm1').action='index.php?id=48&tt_products%5BbackPID%5D=48&cHash=111890833ce4a8b23eee74c4a08970b0';" value="E-Mail versenden" name="products_finalize">
If you need other info - please explain what exactly you need!
Thanks again for your help.
10-10-11 17:55:54 Problem solved
Julia Pekkonen
Hello, I updated dev2007 to latest version and mail-form began to work normally!..
10-10-11 23:06:07 div2007
Julia Pekkonen
I mean div2007 :)
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