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Die Frucht aber des Geistes ist Liebe, Freude, Friede, Geduld, Freundlichkeit, Gütigkeit, Glaube, Sanftmut, Keuschheit. Wider solche ist das Gesetz nicht.
Galater 5:22-23

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Payment Transactor Extension
different versions
autor: Franz Holzinger Datum: 27-05-10 18:43:08
There is a tt_products 2.6.3 already under development and available to the sponsor who have made an order with payment under .

On TYPO3 TER you can download tt_products 2.6.2 . You must click the checkbox in the EM (Extension Manager) to allow all extensions without securty check. Then you must update the list of extension in the EM.

The tt_products versions until 2.7.0 do not have the new feature to store the orders as hidden on the payment page. This will be introduced with tt_products 2.7.1 .