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Lasset das Wort Christi unter euch reichlich wohnen in aller Weisheit; lehret und vermahnet euch selbst mit Psalmen und Lobgesängen und geistlichen lieblichen Liedern und singt dem HERRN in eurem Herzen.
Kolosser 3:16

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30-10-07 18:05:09 tt_board doesn't show up in FE
Jens Gram
Hi all,

I've just installed tt_board (exactly as written on but I cannot get anything to show in the FE. Nothing, that is!

I'm using TYPO3 4.1.1 with TV 1.3.1. tt_board is v. 1.2.1.

Did anyone experience anything alike?

By the way - and by no means unrelated - I'm experiencing the same with tc2lcal v. 2.0.0. What!

Any suggestions will be appreciated. tt_news works fine, so it's probably not a general problem with T3.

Best regards
- Jens Gram
2-11-07 07:38:30 error_log
Franz Holzinger
Most probably a SQL or PHP error did occur. So activate the error any MySQL error output in the install tool - All Configuration - to get the reason for the blank page.

[SYS][displayErrors] = 1
[SYS][sqlDebug] = 1

2-11-07 16:04:39 Re: error_log
Jens Gram
No, sadly this didn't change a thing.
2-11-07 17:25:40 whte empty page
Franz Holzinger
A white empty page is always a hint for a PHP or SQL error. There is something wrong, if no error message is displayed on the screen. Maybe you have a PHP error_log file with more infos.
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