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Die Frucht aber des Geistes ist Liebe, Freude, Friede, Geduld, Freundlichkeit, Gütigkeit, Glaube, Sanftmut, Keuschheit. Wider solche ist das Gesetz nicht.
Galater 5:22-23

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19-09-06 14:08:55 tt_board: Tree VIew
Peter Babbington-Fowles
I have installed the tt_board and displayed a list-view board sucessfully.

Now I would like to diplay a "tree-view" board, but changing the plugin types (from "board, List" to "Board, Tree" does not have the desired affect.

How should a tree-view be configured?
1-01-07 09:58:20 use tt_board 1.1.4
Franz Holzinger
See my recent post at

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