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Die Frucht aber des Geistes ist Liebe, Freude, Friede, Geduld, Freundlichkeit, Gütigkeit, Glaube, Sanftmut, Keuschheit. Wider solche ist das Gesetz nicht.
Galater 5:22-23

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30-01-07 13:53:23 Wrong tree display v1.1.6
Using the tree view with v1.1.6 shows the tree totally wrong, anyone else experienced this ? Also the timestamp on the posts change when viewing posts
13-02-07 21:06:30 Wrong tree display v1.1.6 yes !!!
Stefan Meier
yes if i reply, that answer gets not correct connected to the for on going message
14-02-07 19:35:08 new 1.1.6 in TER
Franz Holzinger
This bug has been fixed now. The posts in FORUM list are not sorted any more by most recent posts if it is a tree view.
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