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Wer sich aber rühmt, der rühme sich des HERRN. Denn darum ist einer nicht tüchtig, daß er sich selbst lobt, sondern daß ihn der HERR lobt.
2 Korinther 10:17-18

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8-11-06 22:21:08 where can I alter the forms?
Bram de Leeuw
Second question:
Where can I alter the forms? I've been manipulating the templates for the list and the threads and they are fine now. But I can't find where to manipulate the templates for the forms.

Oh BTW, sorry for sending the first post twice. Mistake.
10-11-06 13:07:09 plugin.tt_board_list.postform.dataArray
You can alter the forms via typoscript, here's an example:

plugin.tt_board_list.postform.dataArray {
10.type = *data[tt_board][NEW][subject]=input,100
10.label = Subject:
20.type = *data[tt_board][NEW][message]=textarea,75
20.label = Message:
30.type = *data[tt_board][NEW][author]=input,100
30.label = Author:
60.value = Post!
40 >
50 >

For more info take a look a the object browser in the template section.

~ 0nyx
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