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Es wird aber des HERRN Tag kommen wie ein Dieb in der Nacht, an welchem die Himmel zergehen werden mit großem Krachen; die Elemente aber werden vor Hitze schmelzen, und die Erde und die Werke, die darauf sind, werden verbrennen. So nun das alles soll zergehen, wie sollt ihr denn geschickt sein mit heiligem Wandel und gottseligem Wesen,
2 Petrus 3:10-11

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15-08-11 15:29:29 Product articles
Karin Meulengrath
I am sorry, but my German isnt good enough for this kind of technical stuff. Hope English is all right :)
I am setting up my first shop in TYPO3 4.4.6 and tt_products 2.7.1 (and all needed extensions). I get most of it working, but products articles dosnt show. That is the drop down box with color / size shows, but the added picture dosnt show. I have read and followed the manual and the book on E-Commerce, but I must have done something wrong. Any suggestions?
22-08-11 06:32:25 articles
Franz Holzinger
set useArticles = 1 or higher

Use the example shop template file products_css_variants_de.html if you want to have dynamic changes of the article or add an id marker to the HTML tags of the articles.

Change the constants to
separateImage = 1
limitImage = 30

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