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(Ein Lied der Kinder Korah, von der Jugend, vorzusingen.) Gott ist unsre Zuversicht und Stärke. Eine Hilfe in den großen Nöten, die uns getroffen haben.
Psalm 46:1

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2-01-07 22:27:40 Sorting the posts
Søren Guldbæk Olsen

I would like to hear if anyone knows how to change the sort order of the post in the forum, so that when anyone replays on a post - this post will come in the top of the list.

As I can se this is also the same for this tt_board - it is not the newst post that is in top.. Can anyone help me change that?
14-02-07 19:36:25 sorting done automatically
Franz Holzinger
The sorting will be activated now by default in list forums, not in tree list views.
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