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(Ein Lied der Kinder Korah, von der Jugend, vorzusingen.) Gott ist unsre Zuversicht und Stärke. Eine Hilfe in den großen Nöten, die uns getroffen haben.
Psalm 46:1

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6-08-18 15:19:29 tt_board: General, Help Option
Peter Babbington-Fowles
Adding the "General, help" option to a list view tt_board creates the following:
Fatal error: Undefined class name 'tx_fhlibrary_view' in /resource/html/its/typo3conf/ext/tt_board/lib/class.tx_ttboard_pibase.php on line 213

Is there a fix to this problem?
20-09-06 11:03:50 re: change in code
Peter Babbbington-Fowles
I have made the modifications suggested, and the help option now displays correctly.

Thank you
20-09-06 07:27:03 change in code
At the moment you must change the code directly at the displayed position:

if (t3lib_extMgm::isLoaded(FH_LIBRARY_EXTkey)) {
// FE BE library for flexform functions
$content .= tx_fhlibrary_view::displayHelpPage($this, $helpTemplate, $this->extKey, $this->errorMessage, $theCode);
} else {
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