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5 Mose 6: 6-7

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18-09-06 13:52:51 Using tt_board
Peter Babbington-Fowles

I am a newbie to typo3. I have installed typo3 v4.0.2, tt_board v1.1.0

but when I add message board to a page, nothing is displayed. There is no information in User Manual (or on web) as to how to use message baord plugin.

Can anyone help ?

Best regards,
19-09-06 08:13:11 Template module
You must click on Web-Template module on the page where the forum starts.
Then press on 'Click here to edit whole template record'.
Go to the 'Include static (from extensions):' section.
Then add the 'Board CSS style' if you have installed the 'CSS styled content' extension or otherwise use the 'Board Old style'.
Then use the page module and create some pages.
The first page shall have:
Category: Forum, List
On the page level below:
Forum: list
On the pages of the third level:
Forum: single
Entry form: general

Use the Plugin 'Board List'.
The 'Board Tree' is for tree forums.

19-09-06 12:58:42 Tree View
Peter Fowles
Thank you it works now, but I have further questions:-

1. Does Tree view require different page layout

2. When front end user starts a new thread, nothing is displayed. What is wrong here

3. Adding the "General: Help" option generates the following :
Fatal error: Undefined class name 'tx_fhlibrary_view' in /resource/html/its/typo3conf/ext/tt_board/lib/class.tx_ttboard_pibase.php on line 213
19-09-06 13:59:31 no hijack please
Please do not hijack this thread with others topics. Create a separate thread for each additional question which does not relate to this thread.

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