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8-11-06 20:49:38 after submit new window opens
Bram de Leeuw
Hi I've got a question:

I'm using tt_board on a webpage. Everything seems to work but when I write a thread and click submit, a new window opens with the new thread in the thread list. The former window remains unchanged.

What I want is to direct the user after posting to a special thank you/back to forum -page. Is this possible?
10-11-06 16:12:06 check settings
Verify what you have got for these settings. (TypoScript Object Browser).

postform < tt_content.mailform.20 >
postform.dataArray {
10.label = Subject:
10.type = *data[tt_board][NEW][subject]=input,60
20.label = Message:
20.type = *data[tt_board][NEW][message]=textarea,60
30.label = Name:
30.type = *data[tt_board][NEW][author]=input,40
40.label = Email:
40.type = *data[tt_board][NEW][email]=input,40
50.label = Notify me<BR>by reply:
50.type = data[tt_board][NEW][notify_me]=check
60.type = formtype_db=submit
60.value = Post Reply
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