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Werfet euer Vertrauen nicht weg, welches eine große Belohnung hat. Geduld aber ist euch not, auf daß ihr den Willen Gottes tut und die Verheißung empfanget.
Hebraeer 10:35-36

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21-11-06 09:33:41 sr_feuser_register
Dominik Schmich

i got a problem with the extension sr_feuser_register. On each site I include the extension, I get this warning:

Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource

Then I enabled the sql debugging in the install tool and I become this information:


You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '=''' at line 4

SELECT static_country_zones.zn_name_de,static_country_zones.zn_name_local
FROM static_country_zones
static_country_zones.zn_code='DE' AND static_country_zones.=''

require // tslib_fe->intincscript // tslib_cobj->user // tslib_cobj->calluserfunction // call_user_method // tx_srfeuserregister_pi1->main // tx_staticinfotables_pi1->init // tx_staticinfotables_pi1->getstaticinfoname // tx_staticinfotables_div::gettitlefromisocode // t3lib_db->exec_selectquery // t3lib_db->debug

Any idea what is wrong?
21-11-06 10:35:05 solution
Dominik Schmich

I got the problem!!!
It comes from the static_info_tables!!
In my template there was this value plugin.tx_staticinfotables_pi1.countryCode set to "GER". But there is no item "GER" in the table countries. I search for the right one which was "DEU" and now it works!!
Can anyone tell this the guys from the static_info_tables extension, or can tell me their contact info?

21-11-06 19:26:44 Static Info Tables 2.0.1
Franz Holzinger
You can download the next version of Static Info Tables already from this server. Install also the div and lib extensions. This bug should already have been fixed there.
23-11-06 09:14:32 Zone is not country
Franz Holzinger
There is a difference between zone and country.
The static_info_country field in fe_users
uid pid cn_iso_2 cn_iso_3 cn_iso_nr
54 0 DE DEU 276 155 Bundesrepublik Deutschland Federal Republic of Germany Berlin de EUR 978 49 1 1 0 Deutschland Germany 1 Deutschland

This should not be mixed up with static_country_zones.
uid pid zn_country_iso_2 zn_country_iso_3 zn_country_iso_nr zn_code zn_name_local zn_name_en zn_name_de
79 0 DE DEU 276 NDS Niedersachsen

zn_code = DEU in this case.

Check your fe_users record. The wrong field must come from there.

You can download an error corrected version:
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